Troop 359

Troop Merit Badge Councilors

Some of our adults have signed up to be a Merit Badge Councilor so that our scouts have a person they are familiar with in order to get used to the whole merit badge idea. Please be sure to get a Merit Badge card signed by your Scoutmaster in order to pursue a Merit Badge. Below each merit badge is a link for a worksheet. This must be printed out and completed it prior to your meeting with your councilor (unless otherwise instructed by the councilor). 

A merit badge book is also required before your first meeting. Check your troop library or head for the scout shop. Remember these people are taking time out of their lives for YOU so Scout Like Behavior is expected at all meetings.

The Merit Badges marked as * Merit Badge * are Eagle Scout required merit badges!


American Business Merit Badge - Brad Kazmaier

American Labor Merit Badge - Brad Kazmaier

Archery Merit Badge - Brad Kazmaier

Architecture Merit Badge - Dave Chisholm

Automotive Maintaenance Merit Badge - Dave Chisholm

Aviation - Steve OBlack

Backpacking - Larry Hale

Camping - Dave Chisholm

Canoeing - Dave Chisholm

Citizenship In The Community - Brad Kazmaier

Citizenship In The Nation - Brad Kazmaier

Citizenship In The World - Steve O'Black

Communications - Brad Kazmaier

Cooking - Jennifer Hale

Cycling - George Dohm

Drafting - Dave Chisholm

Emergency Preparedness - Ralph Hellebusch

Engineering - Dave Chisholm & Larry Hale

Environmental Science - Susan Ehlenbeck

Family Life - Jennifer Hale

Fire Safety -  Dennis Taylor

First Aid - Ralph Hellebusch

Fly Fishing - Brad Kazmaier

Genealogy - Jennifer Hale

Geocaching - Larry Hale

Hiking - Larry Hale

Home Repairs - Dave Chisholm & Brad Kazmaier

Insect Study - Susan Ehlenbeck

Inventing - Brad Kazmaier

Kayaking - Ryan Brokman

Motorboating - Brad Kazmaier

Orienteering - Dave Chisholm

Personal Fitness - Brad Kazmaier

Personal Management - Brad Kazmaier & Larry Hale

Pioneering - Dave Chisholm

Rifle Shooting - Bill Ehlenbeck

Safety - Steve O'Black & Brad Kazmaier

Shotgun Shooting - Bill Ehlenbeck

Snow Sports - Brad Kazmaier

Water Sports - Brad Kazmaier

Weather - Steve O'Black