Troop 359 Service Projects

Community Service is a big part of what scouting and our Troop is about. All of our scouts are required to do service projects for advancement. This does two things, first it is a way for our scouts to be productive citizens within their community, second it begins getting them used to planning and coordination of service projects which is a BSA requirement for the higher ranks.

When a scouts passes his Board of review he is assigned a minimum amount of service hours that he must complete before calling the Board for another advancement. As the scout goes up in rank the service requirements are larger in size. All leading up the Eagle Service Project.

We understand that scouts are not familiar with all of the option available to them so the leaders are asked to continue to contribute ideas that we can add to the following list. They do not have be detailed plans, just general idea. It is the scouts responsibility to plan, coordinate & execute the project with the help of his fellow scouts.

Service project Suggestion List


We will continually add to this list and we want suggestions for this list as well.......